The Invention of The Photocopier Machine

Invented in 1937 by Chester Carlson, the photocopier machine has become one of the most important and useful tools in the office.

Even in todays modern office with the promise of the paperless office, most tasks are still performed using paperwork. Arguably, it is the photocopier that revolutionised the office automation system by removing many tedious tasks once performed by hand.

How did people copy before photocopiers?

Before photocopiers, carbon copy paper was the most common and efficient way to make replicas of your document, but unfortunately it could only create one copy at a time. Using multiple pieces of carbon paper was ineffective because the hammer could not penetrate more than a few sheets at a time, and by the third or forth copy the document was almost unreadable. Not only that, over time the print from the carbon would tend to fade.

Most places including schools and universities began using lithograph duplicators. These machines were less than ideal, they emitted a horrible smell and could only copy in a slightly off blue colour. These were minor issues in comparison to the fact that it did not actually create instant copies. To create a copy users had to make a master plate for each page and although this was not difficult it was time consuming. Thus with the invention of the photocopier, the copy world was about to change, but the was one problem. They were extremely costly.

Copier and Printer Service Industry

Copier machines and printers are made up of many moving parts and are best serviced by professionals. Apart from regular maintanence your employees should perfrom, some maintenance should only be perfromed by a trained professional. Companies such as UDG have popped up to service copiers and keep your machines in working order.

Copiers can weigh anywhere from roughly 100 Р300kg. Moving a copier or printer should only be performed by professionals who are trained in moving copiers and carry the correct equipment and insurance to do so. Using a professional copier moving service guarantees your copier will make it to its destination in one piece.

As with most electronic inventions, it took many years before photocopiers became commonplace, and longer still for it to spread amongst other countries. However in the modern day they are now popular globally, seen by many as an essential part of any office.