One of the most important pieces of electronic equipment in the modern office, a photocopier – much like a car, requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it working in optimal condition.

Inside the machine, a photocopier contains a drum, where an intensive light reacts with the drum to conduct electricity. There are two types of photocopier drums. One type can be cleaned and the other must be replaced. Check your manufacturers instruction manual for which type you have.

Tips for cleaning a photocopier drum:

Start by turning off and unplugging the unit. Check you photocopier manual to locate the drum. Quite often the manual is attached to the machine – sometimes in a pouch. If you can’t find it there, look inside all the draws and doors, and if you still cannot locate it, use the internet to search for your photocopiers make and model.

Once you locate the drum, you should find the toner cartridge. Remove the drum carefully. Using a mylar bar, remove excess toner from your drum in a circular motion. Check the drum and the region for wear and tear, and anything else that looks like it may need to be replaced or repaired. When it all looks good, plug the unit back in and do a test print. If the print comes out clean you have successfully cleaned the drum.

Before doing any form of maintenance, always check your manual.

General cleaning:

Dust the surface of the scanner with a duster or wipe it with a clean cloth to remove any dust particles. Once that is done, dampen another cloth with anti-static cleaner liquid (recommended by your manufacturer) and clean the surface of the scanner. Dry the surface with a dry anti-static cloth.

Another important part of your copier to clean is the fuser. Fot this you will need solicon oil (recommended by your manufacturer) and a soft cloth. Apply some oil to the cloth, then apply to the fuser. Dry off with the other end of the cloth.

If you have any problems with your photocopier during regular maintenance, make sure to call your maintenance company for advice.