Toner And Cartridges

Most modern copier machines used to print and copy media use toner cartridges. An advantage of toner over ink is cost. Whether you are a large company or a small business, you should aim to yield the most pages possible from your toner cartridge. Below are some tips and common mistakes to avoid to maximise your toner usage and save money.

Not checking the warranty when buying non OEM toner cartridges:

Buying non OEM toner cartridges is a great way to save money, but just like any product, they can vary in quality. Be careful and make sure you get a high quality toner cartridge. There are many dodgy products around, so before you purchase a non OEM, do your research. Look into their company and warranty, and read reviews to ensure you are covered, and you wont be stuck with a box of useless toner.

Dont change the toner as soon as the refill light flashes:

Modern printers and copiers will indicate when the toner is low. Generally, a refill light will flash, or a worded message will pop up on the LCD screen.  Do not change the toner cartridge right away, as often the indicator comes on well before the actual cartridge is empty. It is generally safe to continue to use the toner and monitor the output. As the toner runs out, the pages will start to fade or streak. At this point, you can install the new cartridge.

Shake the toner cartridge:

During storage and transit the powder inside the toner cartridge settles. Quite often the cartridges have been stored for some time, especially if you buy in bulk, causing the toner to clump together. To make sure you get the most from your toner, be sure to shake it before putting it into the copier. If your copies are not their usual quality, it is often because the powder has settled and clumped together.